I originally started looking for options to replace my Meggitt system in N995S because I was getting frustrated with the lack of support from Meggitt and the cost of used parts when I had the second failure of my ADHARS. I bought the second unit form Cutter for $6k with no Warranty and the unit was 3 years older than the unit I replaced. Although I was glad to find it, the age and cost didn't give me a good feeling about what would happen with future failures.
When I learned about the G950 upgrade that Cutter was offering I decided to take a look.

Don't get me wrong, I really liked the Meggitt equipment in my Meridian but with the support and cost issues compared to the latest technology and my familiarity with Garmin, the G950 seemed to be a good option.

Mike Hedding, the salesman for Cutter, provided a variety of different options so I decided to go with the two screen system with the FMS Control Pad, ChartView, Synthetic Vision, TAWS B Enablement, GDL69 Nexrad and the GTS820 Traffic System. I was also able to have Cutter give N995S a fresh annual when it was down.

While N995S was down, the folks at Cutter kept me informed through numerous communications. There were a couple minor hiccups during the process but all in all it was a very good experience.

Since I took delivery in April, I am amazed at the situational awareness that I get with the big screens which is something that I never got with the small Meggitt screens. It is much improved. Not that I would do it, but I truly believe that I could take off and land in zero/zero conditions by using just the synthetic vision system. The traffic that shows up on the big screen has kept me away from several close encounters in the high traffic areas that I sometimes fly in.

I'm glad I did it and I have no buyers remorse. For the price I paid, I really believe that if I sold N995S, I would get very close to what I have in it back at resale.

The folks at Cutter were great to deal with and I have recommended the G950 system installed by Cutter to other Meridian owners that I know.

Knut Mjolhus, 2003 Meridian   

It was over a year ago I was considering the G950 System that Cutter was getting an STC to install in the Meridians.  At that time, I had a high interest in the Meridian but had no interest in buying one without a glass panel.   I especially did not want to start with the Meggitt system, which I knew I would have to upgrade with a purchase of an older Meridian.  The 2006 and later Avidyne panel Meridian were of interest to me but I simply did not want to learn the workings of an Avidyne when I knew that ultimately I wanted to have a G1000 panel.  I also had spent considerable amount of time flying a Cessna with a G1000 panel so I knew the operations and was impressed with its integration and ease of operation.
After purchasing from Cutter my 2002 Meridian with the G950 panel I have been incredibly pleased with the aircraft and the G950 panel.  The workmanship on the panel looks and performs like a factory new Meridian G1000 aircraft. 
I find that flying a turbine aircraft in the Northeast where I do most of my flying, it is easy to enter step down altitudes before the check point which is a frequent request by controllers in this area.  There is also a lot of changes to your flight plan which you can easily enter with the G950.  I wouldn’t even consider, in today’s busy New York environment, using anything but the G950.  The twelve-inch screen, which is used in Cutter’s G950 installation, is by far superior to the ten-inch screens on the Piper installation.  This was confirmed in my flight training at Simcom with the G1000. I found Cutter’s screens to be superior because of their size.
The G950 install in my 2002 Meridian is using the S-Tec 1500 autopilot.  I find that the S-Tec autopilot is very easy to use and works seamlessly with the Garmin G950 install. The only drawback is when you enter the altitude into the auto pilot it doesn’t change the altitude on the PFD.  Overall I am very pleased with how the S-Tec 1500 integrates with the G950.  It is very precise on approaches.
I do find with the turbine aircraft I fly more time under Instrument Flight Rules.  So I have been shooting a lot of approaches, which I find with the G950 that entering and doing the approaches to be so easy to do and the situation awareness is incredible.  This I find is especially important during the busiest time of your flight.  I feel that this is a safety of flight issue.  It is just so easy and seamless.  It greatly reduces your workload.
As part of the install, Cutter also installed the pedestal with the keypad.  I would highly recommend that anyone considering this option to definitely do it.  It takes some time to get used to but once you start using it is a valuable option that I would not be without.
Although I do carry paper charts and approach plates with me for back ups at all times, I have been using the G950 as a paperless cockpit exclusively.  Being a paper chart and approach person, I was amazed at how quickly I converted to paperless.  I think that this is a testament as to how easily you can understand the operations of the G950.
I have been very pleased with the performance of the Meridian and I am very pleased that I purchased the Cutter G950 panel.  I also feel that this has all the capability of a new aircraft.

Roy S. 2002 Meridian   

"When I purchased my Meridian I had already decided that I was going to do an upgrade to the panel. The primary reasons for upgrading to the Garmin G950 platform was the lack of an upgrade path with my 2006 Avidyne-equipped Meridian, as well as the universal acceptance and quality of the Garmin product line.

While I made an initial consideration of price when looking at the G950 I recognized the upgrade offered quite a few things that were very important to me and could only be achieved with a fully integrated avionics system. First I gained synthetic vision, coupled WAAS approached capability, and an FMS pad as a single point of control and input for the whole system. The screen brightness and clarity of the G950 over the Avidyne system was remarkably increased.

Overall, this gave me far better situational awareness, system redundancy and reliability, and a reduced pilot workload. As workload is a function of familiarity, I am finding the more time I spend with the system my workload as a single pilot continues to decrease. Since making the upgrade, I have not looked back!"

John Welsh, 2006 Avidyne equipped Meridian upgraded to 3-screen G950.   
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