Garmin G950 Three-Display Install

The Garmin G950 Three-Display Install Package with Two 12″ PFDs and One 12″ MFD by Cutter Aviation

Garmin G950 Three-Display Install - By Cutter Aviation

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Garmin G950 Three-Display Install for Piper Meridian
Retrofit Glass Panel Upgrade with Two PFDs and One MFD Display by Cutter Aviation

Configuration Features Dual Pilot and Co-Pilot (left and right) 12″ Primary Flight Display (PFD) units with a single 12″ Multi-Function Display (MFD) unit in the center of the panel.

  • New Custom Engineered Three-Display Instrument Panel
  • Dual (2) Garmin GDU 1240A 12″ (PFD) Primary Flight Displays
  • Garmin GDU 1240A 12″ (MFD) Multi-Function Display
  • Dual (2) Garmin GRS 77 Attitude & Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
  • Dual (2) Garmin GIA 63W Remote GPS/NAV/COMMS
  • Garmin GMA 350 Audio Control Panel
  • Dual (2) Garmin GTX 33ES Remote Mode S Transponder with Extended Squitter
  • Dual (2) Garmin GDC 74A Air-Data Computer
  • Garmin GEA 71 Engine and Airframe Interface Units
  • Dual (2) Garmin GMU 44 Magnetometers
  • Dual (2) Garmin GTP 59 OAT Probe
  • Garmin GA 36 WAAS Antenna
  • Garmin GA 37 WAAS Antenna

Available Options for your Garmin G950 Three-Display Install
Plan for the future with your Garmin G950 Three-Display Install

Additional features and equipment to add more functionality and expandability to your new Garmin G950 retrofit at the time of installation.

Contact our sales team for a custom proposal with pricing of your Garmin G950 Three-Display Install.

  • Garmin GCU 476 FMS Control Panel
  • Garmin GWX 68 or GWX 70 Weather Radar
  • Garmin Class “B” TAWS
  • Garmin ChartView by Jeppesen
  • Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) PFD System
  • L-3 Communications TRILOGY Electronic Standby Instrument (ESI)
  • Garmin GDL 69A Satellite Data Link Weather/XM Radio
  • Garmin GRT 10 Remote Control and Transceiver Kit
  • Garmin GSR 56 Global Weather, Talk, Text and Enroute
  • Garmin GDL 59 Data Logger & Wi-Fi Data Link
  • Garmin GTS 820 Traffic System


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