G950 Vs G1000 Difference

A common question from our customers is, “What is the G950 Vs G1000 difference?”

G950 Vs G1000 Difference - By Cutter Aviation

The Garmin G950 for Piper Meridian Retrofit Installation Package by Cutter Aviation

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The G950 Vs G1000 difference is simple. Every technological advancement available in the G1000 is featured in the G950 package. In fact, the G950 actually has more to offer with the three 12-inch displays providing a full seven square inches more display space than found on the standard Garmin G1000 flight deck in brand new Piper Meridian aircraft.

The only other G950 Vs G1000 difference is that the G950 fully integrates and incorporates your existing S-TEC IntelliFlight / Meggitt 1500 autopilot system into the package. This gives you the comfort of using an integrated, full-feature autopilot system you already know with your new G950 flight deck and saving the expense of purchasing a new autopilot system while retaining full functionality and integration into your EFIS. The G950 provides all data to the S-TEC IntelliFlight / Meggitt 1500 to navigate, including the ability to maintain airspeed references and optimize performance over the entire Piper Meridian airspeed envelope.

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