Gross Weight Increase Kit

What is the Gross Weight Increase Kit for the Piper Meridian?

Gives approximately 250 LBS of additional useful load, provides a safety factor not currently available and increases resale value. The bluebook gives an add of $100,000 for the kit, making it an investment that increases value!

An often asked question, the Gross Weight Increase Kit, particularly important for the 2001-2002 model year aircraft. Shortly after certification, Piper engineering developed a process for increasing the useful load by 242 pounds. This became standard on all 2003 model year Meridians and newer. Cutter Aviation has received authorization from Piper to install the gross weight increase kit, which is a labor intensive process comprised of three areas:


The upper aft spar splice is replaced with the upgraded steel splice strap and additional structural fasteners when you have your Gross Weight Increase Kit installed by Cutter Aviation. The main spar modification is addressed at two additional locations by the replacement of stronger structural fasteners and replacement of the retract actuator attach fittings with an improved replacement.
Piper Meridian Structural - Cutter Aviation - Gross Weight Increase Kit - Meridian Maxus


The installation of factory designed Vortex Generators helps to reduce take-off and landing speeds as well as improve the effectiveness of the control surfaces (ailerons, elevator, and rudder). Vortex Generators allow increased gross weight while maintaining the original stall speed and improving low speed handling and stall characteristics of your Piper Meridian with Gross Weight Increase Kit by Cutter Aviation.
Vortex Generators - Cutter Aviation - Gross Weight Increase Kit - Meridian Maxus

Flight Manual

New flight manual issued by Piper. Serial Number specific for aircraft incorporating the above kits. The Gross Weight Modification is accomplished using approved data, and materials from Piper and increases the gross weight a full 242 pounds.

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