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What Makes Cutter Aviation Unique in the General & Business Aviation Industry

Bill Cutter & Will Cutter - Cutter AviationCutter Aviation is one of America’s strongest FBO & Aviation Service providers for the Business & General Aviation industry.  Our strength comes from a combination of our experience and eight decade history serving the industry and our diversity of services, products, and locations in support of a wide range of customers: from the smallest single engine piston aircraft through large airline-class aircraft… civilian and military.  This combination has established Cutter Aviation as one of the most respected FBO brands in aviation today.

Where some companies may only offer a limited number of services to customers, Cutter Aviation believes more in providing a complete package of services and products that best serve the needs of a wide range of customers.  Cutter Aviation offers high-quality aviation fueling and professionally trained line service at six locations around the Southwest and complements it with attentive guest services representatives to assist passengers and crews alike.  Supporting guest services is Cutter Aviation’s unique full-service professional travel agency that is available to assist in any way with pleasure or business travel for any customer.  Five Cutter Aviation locations operate full-service, FAA Certified Repair Stations for aircraft maintenance and avionics service, sales, and support.  Cutter Aviation is also a trusted name in both new and pre-owned aircraft sales with regional aircraft sales advisers covering the Southwest and beyond.  To assist after the sale, Cutter Aviation’s dedicated aircraft management team paired with Cutter Flight Management, the on-demand air charter division of Cutter Aviation, helps owners and businesses develop sound operational strategies to operate their aircraft in the most effective manner.  Additionally, Cutter Flight Management Air Charter provides on-demand air charter to a wide variety of locations for customers using the highest quality aircraft ranging from twin-engine turboprop aircraft through medium and large jet aircraft — all staffed and flown by highly trained professional flight crews.

Cutter Aviation locations are strategically located around the Southwest in growing and established metropolitan areas where general aviation provides a crucial transportation link for businesses and individuals requiring the efficiency of private air travel without the hassles of operations from congested or high-cost facilities that may be found in the same region.  By providing the absolute best service for the best value, Cutter Aviation leads the way.

“The key ingredients are Tradition, Respect, and Integrity” quotes Cutter Aviation President & CEO Will Cutter.  “It is a formula that has kept us at the forefront of the industry for over eighty-five years.  They have helped us establish a reputation that we are all proud of, and without them, Cutter Aviation would be just another run-of-the-mill service station for airplanes.”

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